100 Families Initiative: Tyler's Story

Tyler with his two daughters
Tyler with his two daughters

Tyler was living in addiction, and his anger issues were getting worse. After disagreements with his father came to blows, he knew he needed a change in his life.

It wasn’t just him he had to take care of. He had two daughters he knew deserved so much better than what he had been able to give them after their mother went to prison.

Tyler found Community Rescue Mission and hoped a room would come available soon. It did.

Community Rescue Mission turned out to be the right place for Tyler and his family. He reflected on how much he needed a place with boundaries that kept him away from the life he had led before. 

“I’m almost scared to leave, you know?” he said.

He realized that once he left, it would be up to him to make the right choices or else he would end up where he was before. Fortunately, Community Rescue Mission helped him learn the skills he needs to make the right choices for his recovery, his finances, and most importantly his daughters.

His relationship with his father has also been mended.

We are so proud of how far Tyler has come!

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