About Us

Smart Justice is a nonprofit, independent publication and podcast that covers the pursuit of better outcomes on justice system-related issues, such as child welfare, incarceration, and juvenile justice. Our coverage is solutions-oriented, focusing on the innovative ways in which communities are solving issues and the lessons that have been learned as a result of successes and challenges.

We are in constant pursuit of stories that cover how people are trying to better justice system outcomes and defining their best practices. It is our desire that these stories offer ideas that people can learn from and duplicate in their area. If you have a story you think should be highlighted, please contact our editor, Karen Steward, at: ksteward@restorehopear.org

If you see a solution and want to know how to bring it to your community, reach out to us. We are willing and ready to help you and your community bring about better outcomes for justice and child welfare-involved individuals and families.

History of Smart Justice

A group of organizations came together to discuss incarceration, reentry, recidivism, and reunification at Winthrop Rockefeller Institute in 2020. That group, known as IR3, decided that a key focus area should be bringing public awareness to the needs of the populations we are serving and the solutions that are working. That working group, led by Restore Hope Executive Director Paul Chapman, came up with the idea to have a podcast and a magazine.

Smart Justice