100 Families Initiative: Laura's Story

100 Families Initiative: Laura's Story

When Laura became a client of 100 Families, she had just left an abusive relationship and was the primary guardian of her four children. She quickly found a house where she could keep her location private from her abusive ex-boyfriend. Laura then got full-time job as a housekeeper.

She was grateful to finally feel safe in her new home, but she still had many household needs. Her 100 Families advocate reached out to the Community Rescue Mission and they helped Laura with beds for her children so they would no longer be sleeping on the floor. They also helped with clothing for her growing kids and later provided Laura with gas for her car so she could get to work. The 100 Families advocate was also able to provide Laura with cleaning supplies for her new home.

In August, another 100 Families partner, The Salvation Army, assisted Laura in covering the cost of a high electric bill. With this kind of financial assistance and by continuing to work full time, Laura was able to save enough money to buy a car. We are very proud of all that Laura has accomplished and the community partners who offered her wraparound support.

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