Podcast: Season 1 Finale

Police Intervention: More Than Just Arrests?

In this episode, interviews with:

  • Fort Smith PD Chief Danny Baker

  • Circuit Court Judge Shanice Johnson

  • Restore Hope Case Manager Courtnee Harlan

  • Restore Hope A.D. of Community Development Karen Phillips

  • 100 Families White Co Coordinator Dana Baker

  • Empowering My Environment cofounder Charles Newsom

  • Restore Hope Executive Director Paul Chapman

Smart Justice is a magazine, podcast, and continuing news coverage from the nonprofit Restore Hope and covers the pursuit of better outcomes on justice system-related issues, such as child welfare, incarceration, and juvenile justice. Our coverage is solutions-oriented, focusing on the innovative ways in which communities are solving issues and the lessons that have been learned as a result of successes and challenges. 

The podcast is available on all major podcasting platforms.

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Smart Justice