Restore Hope Urges Supporting Paid Leave For Foster Parents

The announcement comes during Foster Care Month
Karen Phillips
Karen Phillips

A letter from Karen Phillips, Associate Director of Community Development for Restore Hope:

Happy National Foster Care Month, 100 Families Initiative Partners!

To honor Foster Care Month and answer the Governor and Every Child Arkansas's call for businesses to aid foster parents, the Restore Hope Board of Directors, comprising Paul Chapman, Bill Dillard and Ted Dickey, has revised its internal policies. Now, our employees who open their homes to foster care and receive placements will receive paid time off.

Having been a foster parent myself, I know firsthand the necessity of a flexible employer and the need for additional time off for various commitments such as court dates, staffings, and doctor's appointments.

It's gratifying to offer this support signaling to our employees that their dedication to foster care is valued and backed as they extend their time and care to children and families in need.

Now we turn to you, our partners in the 100 Families Initiative. Will your nonprofit or business join us in this endeavor?

Your support could spark significant change in Arkansas for families in need. Will you demonstrate your commitment to this vital cause by providing tangible encouragement and assistance to your employees?

We believe in our collective ability to make a difference. We can do it. You can, too. If you're willing, please consider implementing policies that support foster and adoptive families, including leave for foster care and adoption, as well as maternity leave.

Whatever changes you choose to make within your organization, we urge you to amplify your message. Post a video on social media. Call out inviting other businesses and nonprofits in Arkansas to join us in saying, "We can do it. You can, too!"

Thank you,

Karen Phillips

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